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This template is used to mark pages as obsolete, categorizing most pages in Category:Pages that are obsolete, templates in Category:Obsolete templates, and template documentation pages in Category:Obsolete template documentation

Marking a page obsolete is not marking a page for deletion (for that use Template:Delete) nor for preservation, it is a note to users that the information on the page is no longer relevant to the current version of the game.

Marking a page obsolete is not marking page as being in need update, for that use Template:Rewrite. Obsolete is for when the information in that page is both unlikely to change AND no longer relevant to the current version, such as for removed items.

Pages can be obsolete but still useful, such as previous sprites for items. Pages can be obsolete and not useful. In such instances, it make be advisable to tag the page with either Delete, or with both Obsolete and Delete.

This page may also be used for old templates that are no longer in use but might be interesting for reference or useful for viewing old versions of pages that used the template. If the template has a documentation page then mark that page as obsolete and both pages will be categorized properly.


Type {{Obsolete}} on the page to be marked.

It is good practice to always provide a reason: {{Obsolete|reason=}}