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This template pulls the data from each animal's individual page and formats it into a neat row summary. It is only intended for use on the List of animals/Additional page.



The template takes a single parameter, the name of the animal being referenced, which must be the exact name of the animal's main page.


{| {{STDT| sortable c_08 text-center}}
! Animal !! Type !! Wildness !! Body Size !! <abbr title=kg>Mass</abbr> !! data-sort-type=number|Market Value !! data-sort-type=number|<abbr title=days>Juvenile Age</abbr> !! data-sort-type=number|<abbr title=days>Maturity Age</abbr> !! <abbr title=years>Life Expectancy</abbr> !! data-sort-type=number|<abbr title=days>Gestation Period !! data-sort-type=number|Average Offspring !! data-sort-type=number|Mate Interval !! Filth Rate !! data-sort-type=number|Roam Interval !! data-sort-type=number|Nuzzle Interval !! <abbr title=°C>Min Temperature</abbr> !! <abbr title=°C>Max Temperature</abbr>

Animal Type Wildness Body Size Mass Market Value Juvenile Age Maturity Age Life Expectancy Gestation Period Average Offspring Mate Interval Filth Rate Roam Interval Nuzzle Interval Min Temperature Max Temperature
Animal 60% 0.35 21 150 6 13.32 9 5.661 1.75 8 1 2 Never -15 55