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Albedo (talkcontribs)

At the end of the 1st paragraph under "Game overview", there is a comment to "...make sure that a pawn only consumes a pill after exactly 3 days have passed" - but I can't find any reason why in this article. Is there a rationale behind this advice (that then needs to be added/linked), or is this something that needs to be cleaned up?Albedo (talk) 17:12, 25 January 2022 (UTC)

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Looking at the revision history, it appears to be a left over from a previous edit saying that there was a 3 day safe dosage period, that was either incorrect or has since become obsolete. It does come close to the maximum time you can reliably spend awake with wake-up, but its not the dosage period.

The time between doses to maximize the utility could/should be put in its place though. If you want to avoid any mood penalties from tiredness, You should take the first dose after 18.2 hours awake, and then you get a further 20.6 hours of time before penalties/another dose. So a 38.8 hours awake with 1 dose, but a 20.6 hr dosage period.

(reasoning/math: Each dose lasts 12hrs, 12hrs awake = 47.5% rest loss normally (assuming you start at 100% rest) = 38% on wake up (80% multi). So when wake up wears off, you should have 62% rest left. 62% - 28% (first penalty threshold) = 34% or 8.607 more hours. 12+8.6 = 20.6)

Assuming you just need them to stay awake without passing out (keep it above 1%), then you take the first dose after 34.2 hours awake, then you get 20.6 hours as above until you hit drowsy again, then you get the normal times in drowsy and tired, or 5hrs and 10.9 hours respectively, for a total of 34.2+20.6+5+10.9 = 70.7 hours or almost 3 days awake with 1 dose, but the dosage period is only 36.5 hours.

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