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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Raw agave fruit.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Jade knife  + (One of mankind's oldest manufactured objects. The knife has taken many forms, but the concept has always remained the same: A handle for holding and a sharp edge for cutting.)
  • Willow tree  + (One of the fastest growing shade trees, willows provide a beautiful, leafy canopy. It doesn't yield much usable wood.)
  • Squirrel  + (One of the many hardy rodent species that follows humankind everywhere it spreads. Squirrels are distinguished by their bushy tails, which they use as umbrellas in bad weather.)
  • Cecropia tree  + (One of the most common rainforest trees. Cecropia grows very fast, but yields little usable wood.)
  • Cougar  + (One of the most dangerous big cats, cougars are solitary hunters with long, sharp teeth and claws. They stalk prey from hidden positions before pouncing.<br/>While humans are not their normal diet, they won't turn down a meal of vulnerable human meat.)
  • Plate armor  + (Overlapping solid plates of armor covering the entire body from neck to feet.)
  • Table (2x4)  + (People eat off tables when chairs are placed facing them.)
  • Table (1x2)  + (People eat off tables when chairs are placed facing them.)
  • Table (2x2)  + (People eat off tables when chairs are placed facing them.)
  • Table (3x3)  + (People eat off tables when chairs are placed facing them.)
  • Phoebe Chillax  + (Phoebe gives lots of time between disasters to relax and build your colony. But beware - if she's set at a high challenge scale, she'll hit as hard as anyone.)
  • Twisted meat  + (Pieces of twisted muscle and gristle, bloated with tumorous growths. These bizarre shreds of flesh must have come from a horrific creature.)
  • Pig  + (Pigs were one of the first animals domesticated by humans. They are an efficient source of meat, and are easy to feed because they will eat almost anything.)
  • Pila  + (Pila are spears for throwing. They take a long time to throw, but one hit can do heavy damage. This weapon represents a bundle of pila and can be thrown over and over. The singular of pila is pilum.)
  • Plant pot  + (Plant decorative flowers here to improve the mood of people nearby.)
  • Ship reactor  + (Powers a ship on its journey between stars. Takeoff requires a long powerup process that is likely to attract raiders.)
  • Watermill generator  + (Produces electricity from a river. Must be placed with its wheel in moving water. If watermills are placed too close together, the turbulence they generate will interfere and reduce power generation.)
  • Geothermal generator  + (Produces electricity from geothermal steam geysers. Must be placed on a steam geyser.)
  • Solar generator  + (Produces electricity from sunlight. Does not work in the dark or under artificial light.)
  • Chemfuel powered generator  + (Produces power by consuming chemfuel. Must be periodically refueled by hand.)
  • Wood-fired generator  + (Produces power by consuming wood. Must be periodically loaded with wood fuel by hand.)
  • Beckon  + (Psychically command the target to approach the caster.)
  • Focus  + (Psychically focus the target's mind, boosting their sight, hearing and moving capacities.)
  • Invisibility  + (Psychically manipulate the visual centers of everyone nearby, rendering them unable to perceive a particular individual for a short time.)
  • Randy Random  + (Randy doesn't follow rules. He'll generate random events, and he doesn't care if they make a story of triumph or utter hopelessness. It's all drama to him.)
  • Human meat  + (Raw butchered flesh. Can be cooked into meals or eaten raw, although most humans dislike the idea.)
  • Meat  + (Raw butchered flesh. Can be cooked into meals or eaten raw.)
  • Insect meat  + (Raw butchered flesh. If necessary, can be cooked into meals, or even eaten raw. Extremely unappetizing.)
  • Corn  + (Raw corn.)
  • Psychoid leaves  + (Raw cut leaves of a psychoid plant.)
  • Smokeleaf leaves  + (Raw cut leaves of a smokeleaf plant. Can be rolled into smokeable joint at a crafting spot.)
  • Raw fungus  + (Raw fungus obtained by harvesting fungi growing in caves. It cannot be farmed.)
  • Hops  + (Raw hops. A flavoring and preserving agent that is necessary for making beer.)
  • Potatoes  + (Raw potatoes.)
  • Toxipotatoes  + (Raw toxipotatoes. Once harvested, toxipotatoes are very dietarily similar to potatoes. However, when eaten raw, they have a higher chance of causing food poisoning.)
  • Recreation  + (Recreation is the need to have fun. Repeating the same kind of activity makes it less fun, so variety is necessary.)
  • Biofuel refinery  + (Refines biological matter like wood or plant matter into chemfuel.)
  • Coagulator  + (Releases coagulating factors in response to blood loss, reducing bleeding rates significantly)
  • Healing enhancer  + (Releases nanomachines and healing factors that speed up wound healing. This implant only helps with physical wounds, and does nothing to combat disease or other health problems.)
  • Orbital trade beacon  + (Required for orbital trading. You can only sell goods to orbital traders if they're near an orbital trade beacon. Can be placed indoors.)
  • Ancient lamppost  + (Road lighting from long ago. No longer functional.)
  • Concrete  + (Rough concrete. It is cheap and quick to build, but is also quite ugly.)
  • Straw matting  + (Rough straw matting for use in animal barns. It is cheap and accepts very little filth.)
  • Flagstone  + (Roughly-cut stone tiles. These are not beautiful, but they make good surfaces for roads and outdoor walkways. Deconstructing flagstone yields no resources.)
  • Sheep  + (Sheep husbandry is practised throughout the majority of the inhabited worlds, however only recently it has been introduced to the rimworlds. Domestic sheep are relatively small herbivores, usually with yellowish wool and medium sized horns.)
  • Sheep wool  + (Sheep's wool. It provides good insulation.)
  • Guinea pig fur  + (Sheets of guinea pig fur. It is delicate, but luxurious.)
  • Prosthetic leg  + (Simple prosthesis made to replace missing leg. Not very comfortable but quite efficient.)
  • Smokepop  + (Skip dust particles up from under the ground surface to form a thick cloud. This reduces the accuracy of any shot fired through it, and prevents turrets from locking on entirely.)
  • Mass chaos skip  + (Skip everyone in an area to random positions nearby. Objects which are too large cannot be teleported.)