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Scaria is a disease that causes afflicted animals to be permanently manhunter. If not treated, it kills affected animals in five days.

Upon death, animals with scaria have a chance of instantly rotting, preventing any butchering products from being obtained. This chance is dependent on difficulty.

In addition, as long as an animal is afflicted with scaria, they will remain manhunter, even after recovery from being downed.


It appears only on manhunter animals in quests or manhunter packs, and will not infect your tamed animals normally.


On a downed animal, it can be treated with an operation requiring both:

  • 3 medicine of industrial quality or better; and
  • A doctor with a medical skill of 8 or higher.


Scaria was added to balance out manhunter packs, from being a huge wealth boost from the corpse butchering. Now most of the manhunter animals end up as useless rotten corpses.

Moreover, for front line melee troops, the instant corpse gas will cause lung rot very rapidly, so detoxifier lungsContent added by the Biotech DLC are a major help if melee chokepoints is the strategy against manhunters.

Financially, It is almost never worth it to cure the scaria, with the exception of Thrumbos or any other high value animals. In that case, if the manhunter Thrumbo is downed, curing the scaria then slaughtering it guarantees a useful corpse for butchering.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.1.2647 - Added.
  • 1.2.2719 - Fixed a bug where curing scaria would not remove manhunting.