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Room roles are assigned to a room based on what is inside them, such as a bedroom or barracks.


Rooms have stats. This includes Impressiveness and its 4 composite stats (Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space). These values are defined from the items inside. Stats can be inspected using the room inspection tool found in the bottom right of the screen. Rooms can fulfill multiple roles at once, despite the game displaying only 1 label at a time.

Certain room types grant a moodlet based on how impressive it is, and rely on all of its substats. To gain it, the room must be used by a character for its associated purpose (ex. eating at a table in a dining room). They are typically applied when a colonist begins said activity in the room, and last for 24 hours. Not all rooms have moodlets related to Impressiveness.

In addition, hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens make direct use of the Cleanliness stat. In other words, a medical bed, simple research bench, and electric stove all function off Cleanliness. Players may put several of these buildings in the same room, to take advantage of the stat for all of them.

Pawns also have separate needs for beauty and space, which every room can fulfill. Unlike the room stat, these needs are checked within a certain radius from the pawn, as opposed to anywhere in the room.

List of roles[edit]

Label Mood Impact Related Stats Requirements
Room None None No
Bedroom Yes Impressiveness A single* bed, sleeping spot, or other bed equivalent
Barracks Yes Impressiveness Multiple beds, sleeping spots, or other bed equivalent
Prison cell Yes Impressiveness A single prisoner's bed, sleeping spot, or other bed equivalent
Prison barracks Yes Impressiveness Multiple prisoner's beds, sleeping spots, or other bed equivalent
Dining room Yes Impressiveness Table
Rec room Yes Impressiveness Billiards table, chess table, horseshoes pin
Hospital Yes Impressiveness, Cleanliness Hospital bed, or any bed marked as Medical
Laboratory No Cleanliness Simple research bench or Hi-tech research bench
Workshop No None Smithing bench, Hand tailor bench, Electric tailor bench, Art bench, Stonecutter's table, Butcher table, Machining table, Electric smelter, Brewery, Drug lab, Fabrication bench, or Crafting spot
ThroneroomContent added by the Royalty DLC No Impressiveness Meditation throne or Grand meditation throne
TempleContent added by the Ideology DLC ** No None A Small/Medium/Large Altar / Ideogram
Kitchen No Cleanliness Electric stove, fueled stove or butcher table
Tomb No None Sarcophagus
Barn No None Animal sleeping spot, Animal bed
Storeroom No None Shelf
NurseryContent added by the Biotech DLC Yes? Testing needed Crib or Baby Sleeping Spot
PlayroomContent added by the Biotech DLC Yes? Testing needed Toy Box
ClassroomContent added by the Biotech DLC Yes? Testing needed School Desk
Deathrest ChamberContent added by the Biotech DLC Yes Impressiveness, Testing needed Deathrest casket

* = Bedrooms are not turned into barracks if lovers, or their babies / children,Content added by the Biotech DLC share the same bedroom, even in separate beds. Also, cribsContent added by the Biotech DLC and animal sleeping areas have no impact on creating barracks.
** = This room changes to the ideoligion's set temple name if its altar/ideogram was placed.

Other pieces of furniture not mentioned, such as chairs, should not affect the role of the room. For rooms with the bedroom role, when the bed is given an owner the role of the room will change to "Owner's Bedroom".

Version history[edit]

  • 0.12.906 - Added
  • 1.4.3523 - Added a “storeroom” role for rooms with lots of shelves.
  • Biotech DLC Release - Nursery, Playroom, Classroom, and Deathrest Chamber roles added.