Plant matter

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Dye extracted from a tinctoria plant. It can be transformed into various colors to dye apparel.

Gauranlen seed.png

"The seed of a Gauranlan tree. It can be planted to create a new Gauranlen tree."


Raw hops. A flavoring and preserving agent that is necessary for making beer.

Hops are inedible flowers harvested from hop plants, a single harvest yields 8 crops at 100% growth. They are processed by cooks in bundles of 25 at a brewery to produce a batch of 5 wort. Wort is carried to fermenting barrels by haulers to ferment into beer.

Polux seed.png

The seed of a polux tree. It can be planted to create a new polux tree which will absorb pollution from nearby terrain.

Psychoid leaves.png

Raw cut leaves of a psychoid plant.

Smokeleaf leaves.png

Raw cut leaves of a smokeleaf plant. Can be rolled into smokeable joint at a crafting spot.

Smokeleaf leaves are harvested from a smokeleaf plant. They can be processed by crafters at a crafting spot or drug lab to produce smokeleaf joints.