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Pack animal carrying capacity in 1.1.2610

Pack Animals refer to animals that you can bring along on a Caravan to carry extra weight. The current pack animals in the game are Alpacas, Bison, Donkeys, Dromedaries, Elephants, Horses, Muffalo, and Yaks. Below you will see a table that will help you decide what will be the most appropriate pack animal for you.

Animal Weight Capacity (Kg) Health Scale Melee DPS Hunger Rate Wildness Movement Speed Unladen (World in Tiles/d)
Alpaca 35 1 2.29 0.44 0.25 47.1/d
Bison 73.5 1.75 3.13 0.856 0.6 54.3/d
Donkey 52.5 1.45 2.35 0.52 0 64.2/d
Dromedary 70 1.6 2.71 0.856 0.25 50.4/d
Elephant 140 3.6 5.19 2.568 0.75 58.8/d
Horse 70 1.75 2.01 0.68 0.35 70.6/d
Muffalo 73.5 1.75 3.1 0.856 0.6 54.3/d
Yak 66.5 1.5 2.42 0.856 0 37.2/d


  • The higher the hunger rate, the more the animal eats, Be careful about bringing many animals or large animals such as Elephants on long winter trips when it is too cold for them to graze.
  • All of the current pack animals in the game are herbivorous.
  • The more weight you add to the caravan, the slower it'll move.
  • You need to take into account the distance you're going, and the return trip's length and bring food accordingly for your colonists and animals.
  • Horses offer the fastest speed as well as boasting 70kg of weight limit as well as only 1.36 hunger rate, arguably making them the best pack animal.