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Note: This page does not contain all the available mods and can only be used as a pointer, as the page is not often updated.
A complete list can be found at Mods->Released section on the forum, and is recommended.

For mods that are updated to the latest version (Version 1.0), see List of up-to-date mods.

List of mods A17 and below

Name Compatibility Description (12 word limit) Link First Release Author Steam Workshop
A2B: conveyor belts & co. Alpha 13 Adds conveyor belts and a few useful accessories. Thread 2014-08-18 noone, TehJoE, 1000101 Ex.png
Achtung! Alpha 17 Draft your colonists by positioning them spaced along a line. Thread 2016-07-24 pardeike Check.png
Additional Joy Objects Alpha 15 Adds new objects and activities that bring joy to colonists. Thread 2015-04-23 cuproPanda Ex.png
Advanced Lamps Alpha 11 Adds several new lamps for different uses and some new research topics. Thread 2014-10-12 Igabod Ex.png
Alien Ants Faction Alpha 12 Adds an Alien Ant enemy faction to the game. Thread 2015-02-19 soulkata Ex.png
Animal Hide Working Alpha 15 Adds animal rugs and animal taxidermy. Thread 2014-03-15 ItchyFlea Check.png
Apparello 2 Alpha 17 Adds apparel and armor. Thread 2014-07-30 Shinzy Check.png
Auto-hunt Beacon Alpha 11 Designates animals for hunting, wild plants for harvesting and trees for chopping wood. Thread 2015-01-03 Carry Ex.png
Billy's Caravan Formation Alpha 17 Makes the caravan formation process faster and more efficient. Thread 2017-06-22 bmartin Check.png
Brunayla's Security Co. Alpha 17 Adds a few useful military, medical and production applications. Thread 2014-10-29 brunayla Ex.png
Bulk Meals Alpha 13 Cook 4 meals simultaneously. Utilize all the burners on the cook stove. Thread 2015-03-03 Igabod Ex.png
Cats! Alpha 12 Adds feline species creatures, wild cats and legendary cats. Thread 2015-08-25 Fluffy (l2032) Ex.png
Caveworld Flora Alpha 17 Adds some pretty mushrooms glowing in the dark caves of this world. Thread 2015-01-13 Rikiki Check.png
Clutter Mod Alpha 17 Adds a lot of furniture and clutter. Thread 2014-03-13 mrofa Ex.png
Combat Realism Alpha 16 Completely revamps the base combat system and other stuff. Thread 2015-01-29 NoImageAvailable (formerly), skyarkhangel (ported to A15&A16) Check.png
Crash Landing Alpha 17 Changes start, adds a new event that drop spaceship parts. Thread 2015-01-03 Katavrik Check.png
Cupro's Drinks Alpha 14 Adds the ability to brew sodas, coffee and new types of alcohol. Thread 2016-07-23 cuproPanda Check.png
EdB Interface UI Mod Alpha 12 User interface mod which enhances the default UI in many ways. Thread 2014-08-09 EdB Ex.png
EdB Mod Order Alpha 13 Easily choose the order in which your mods load. Thread 2014-11-15 EdB Ex.png
EdB Prepare Carefully Alpha 17 Customize your colonists and gear to prepare carefully for your crash landing. Thread 2014-09-21 EdB Check.png
Enhanced Tabs Alpha 13 Enhances the work and animal tabs. Thread 2015-09-07 Fluffy (l2032) Ex.png
eXMods Alpha 12 Adds new life, plants, and technology. Thread 2015-08-24 spiritus80 Ex.png
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering Alpha 17 Allows you to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs. Thread 2015-02-19 Ykara Check.png
Fast Floors Alpha 13 Tweaks the vanilla floors to add speed boosts to most flooring types. Thread 2014-10-25 Igabod Ex.png
GHXX's Tech-Advancing Alpha 17 Advances the Techlevel of the Colony once certain conditions are met. Thread 2016-07-31 GHXX Check.png
Glass&Lights Alpha 17 A mod that adds an assortment of lights and glass. Thread 2014-12-20 jacob814 Check.png
Glitter Tech Alpha 17 Glitter tech adds a number of advanced buildings, items and resources Thread 2014-08-16 Sam_ Check.png
Hardened Mechinoids Alpha 12 Makes mechanics tougher. Thread 2015-09-06 amodchecker Ex.png
Hydroponic Hay, feed those animals Alpha 12 Let's you grow hay in hydroponics. Thread 2014-08-25 Rodrigogogo Ex.png
Industrialisation Alpha 15 Adds industries like concrete, mines, and nuclear power plants. Thread 2015-01-02 eatKenny Ex.png
Infused Alpha 17 Randomly enhances your equipment. Infusion mod updated. Thread 2016-07-20 notfood (ported to A17) Check.png
Infusion Alpha 12 Randomly enhances your equipment. Thread 2015-05-01 Latta Ex.png
Inspiration Alpha 17 Makes skill progression faster. Thread 2017-01-23 Nitrodev Check.png
Less Incident Trolling Alpha 15 Less often eclipses, solar flares. Sanity prevails. Thread 2014-10-15 MarvinKosh Check.png
Mechanical Defence 2 Alpha 12 Adds autonomous droids to do your every bidding. Thread 2014-11-10 mipen Ex.png
Miscellaneous w/o MAI + Robots Alpha 17 MAI, Grouping Keys, Weapon Base, Tactical Computer, BrainPals, Local Traders and more. Thread 2014-05-16 Haplo Check.png
Modular Tables Alpha 15 Adds tables and chairs of any size or shape. Thread 2014-06-27 ItchyFlea Check.png
More Traits Alpha 15 Adds more traits to the game. Thread 2016-05-16 TheFlameTouched Ex.png
Orassans Alpha 17 Adds a space cat faction and weapons and armor for them. Thread 2016-07-28 Diana Winters Check.png
Powerless! Alpha 15 Adds small features for a starting colony, or one without power. Thread 2015-04-23 cuproPanda Check.png
Project Dog Alpha 12 Community project to add different breeds of dogs. Thread 2015-09-01 skullywag Ex.png
Raiding Party! Alpha 12 Adds sound effect before raid happens. Thread 2015-09-05 Alistaire Ex.png
RedistHeat Alpha 12 Tweaks vents and adds duct system. Thread 2015-03-01 Latta Ex.png
Rimfire Alpha 16 Adds a collection of weapons to the game. Compatible with other weapon collections. Thread 2015-01-22 Alistaire Ex.png
RimPharma Alpha 15 Adds new drugs to help with pain, focus, speed, and infections. Thread 2015-04-23 cuproPanda Check.png
T's Mods Alpha 17 Adds 3 crops, 2 meal recipes, over 50 floor styles, tweaked cotton production, and lots more. Thread 2014-06-09 Telkir Check.png
Target Practise Alpha 15 Adds shooting range and melee training dummies. Thread 2014-02-26 ItchyFlea Check.png
Temperature Control Alpha 13 Adds several options for better controlling the temperature of your colony. Thread 2014-12-16 Igabod Ex.png
The Romance Mod Alpha 12 Adds a layer of depth to Romance. Thread 2014-10-26 Lord Fappington Ex.png
Tiberium Rim Alpha 17 Adds Tiberium to your Rimworld. Thread 2016-12-29 Telefonmast, Profugo Barbatus Check.png
Vegetable Garden Alpha 17 Adds new tiers of plants to research and grow. Thread 2015-05-07 dismar Check.png
Zipangu Alpha 17 Rice cultivating civilization. 2017-09-11 Tosenbo Check.png
Zombie Apocalypse Alpha 14 Adds zombies to the game. Thread 2014-05-20 Justin C Check.png

List of mod lists

Name Compatibility Link Author Still maintained?
InfinityKage's Modlist Alpha 12 Thread InfinityKage No
yMods - Small Vanilla Enhancements! Alpha 12 Thread Ykara No
cuproPanda's Mods Alpha 15 Thread cuproPanda Yes
Enhanced Development Alpha 17 Thread Jaxxa Yes
ItchyFlea's Small Mods Alpha 16 Thread ItchyFlea Yes
Latta's small mods Alpha 12 Thread Latta No
Rikiki's M&Co. Alpha 17 Thread Rikiki Yes
Rikiki's Miscellaneous Alpha 17 Thread Rikiki Yes
Rimsenal Alpha 17 Thread rooki1 Yes
Skullywags Defensive mods Alpha 14 Thread Skullywag No
Skullywags Misc mods Alpha 17 Thread Skullywag Yes
Skullywags Power mods Alpha 14 Thread Skullywag No
T's Mods Alpha 17 Thread Telkir Yes
Z0MBIE2's Various Mods Alpha 12 Thread Z0MBIE2 No

List of modpacks

Name Compatibility Link Author Still maintained? Notes
Arbitration Alpha 13 Thread jackarbiter No
The ModVarietyPack Alpha 12 Thread simon-82 No Players have reported that the last Github version works almost normally on A13
Rimworld Ascension Alpha 13 Thread Wivex No Modpack is not finished but there is a playable alpha version downloadable on the forum post
Hardcore SK Alpha 17 Thread skyarkhangel Yes A16 (codenamed "Project 5.0 test: Jewel") released December 31, 2016. Github
Medical Complication Mod Pack Alpha 15 Thread Aristocat No A medical modpack that combines EPOE by Ykara, A Dog Said by Latta, De surgeries by DarknessEyes and BrainMod by CuproPanda + adds some custom fixes

List of tools

Name Compatibility Description Link First Release Author
RimWorld Conflict Checker Alpha 16 Checks for conflicts between mods & mod sanity/error checking. Thread 2016-08-31 biship
Apparellator Alpha 4 Save editor for pawn outfits. Thread 2015-07-22 Profound_Darkness
Mod installer & auto-update tool N/A Modloader and autoupdating launcher under construction. Thread TBR KingOfAwesomnia
RimSearch Alpha 15 Research tree graph generator for any mod load order. Thread 2015-04-08 1000101
Rimworld Manager ? Instance manager with a web-based mod/modpack database. Thread TBR onenonlynova
Duplicate defName Conflict ? Duplicate defName checker with a GUI. Thread 2015-02-07 RedTheHusky
Rimworld Save Editor Alpha 8 Save editor which edits pawn backstories, skills and thoughts. Thread 2014-12-13 Neurotoxin
RimWorld Profile Manager ? Instance manager and launcher. Thread 2015-02-09 theit8514
RimEdit Alpha 2? Save editor focussed on its advanced terrain editor. Thread 2014-01-05 Darker
Rimworld Mod Manager ? External load order manager. Thread 2014-10-30 Jaxxa
Save Editor Alpha 6 Save editor which edits pawn backstories, skills and thoughts. Thread 2014-08-11 Neurotoxin
Character Creator! ? 6261 Prepare Carefully] external character creator. Thread TBR Vas
Backstory list Alpha 7 Spreadsheet for Excel 2010 containing Alpha 7 backstories. Thread 2014-11-23 Nommy
Tech Tree Graph Generator Alpha 7 Research tree graph generator created for TechTreeMinami. Thread 2014-11-08 shala
Duplicate defName checker ? Duplicate defName checker Linux command. Thread 2014-10-30 ItchyFlea
Extended Xml Commands Alpha 8 DLL with XML extension code for projectiles. Thread 2014-08-08 mrofa
Save Manager ? Instance manager. Thread 2014-08-12 Hexxagon
RW SaveEditor Alpha 3 Save editor which edits several save states. Thread 2014-01-15 keensta
RimWorld Modder's Assembly Aid ? Assembly file mover. Thread 2014-07-31 mipen
Rimworld Weapons Balancer ? Weapon balancer with a formula which takes several thingDef values into account. Thread 2014-08-12 Bog
RimWorld Debug Program ? Assembly file mover. Thread 2014-07-10 RealINandOUT