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A slow-growing plant which yields herbal medicine when harvested. Sowing and harvesting healroot are both very labor-intensive tasks because of its delicate shoots.
Healroot was selectively bred for centuries by settlers. It is sometimes also called "healer's hand" by tribespeople - a nickname it owes to its five major medicinal virtues.

Base Stats

0 (1)
Path Cost



Plant Stats

Time to grow
7 days (12.92 days)
Work to Sow
800 ticks (13.33 secs)
Work to Harvest
400 ticks (6.67 secs)
Base Harvest Yield
1 Herbal medicine
Min Skill
8 Plants
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity
Min light to grow
Ground, Hydroponic

Healroot is a plant that can be sown in growing zones or hydroponics basins and yields herbal medicine. Sowing healroot requires a minimum growing skill of 8, but any colonist capable of plant cutting can harvest them.

Each healroot plant yields 1 herbal medicine when fully grown. Harvesting it early results in a chance of failing to receive anything from the harvest even though it is not marked as failed.

One important difference from most domesticated plants is that Healroot can withstand winter temperatures. Thus, when planted outside after early spring it attracts wild herbivores and can be used as bait. If you are not ready to shoot these animals and protect your crops, then may be worth walling them off. A herd of Thrumbos (or even a single one for that matter) will be destructive to your Healroot farm if left unprotected.

There is a variety that can be found naturally growing in temperate forests, temperate swamps, boreal forests, cold bogs, and tundra, known as Wild healroot. Wild healroot is statistically identical to normal healroot, except it cannot be cultivated manually and instead spawns in the wild.


Healroot matures slowly (see table, below). Take note that 1 Healroot plant, when mature, produces 1 herbal medicine while a fight can easily cause a half-dozen injuries to a colonist, or more for a particularly long fight. Consider planting larger healroot zones; a few too many is better than too few, and besides, many traders value them.


  • Maximum growth temperature 58 °C (136.4 °F)
  • Minimum growth temperature 0 °C (32 °F)
  • All Healroots survive -29 °C (-20.2 °F)
  • The first Healroots die at
  • Some Healroots die around
  • Every 2nd died around
  • Most Healroots die around
  • All Healroots die around


See table below for grow rates...

  • Ground Type Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
    Fertility (%) 70 100 140 280
    Real Grow Time (days)[1] 18.46 12.92 9.23 4.61
    Base Yield/day[2] 0.05 0.08 0.11 0.22
    1. Actual days to grow, taking into account rest time.
    2. Per plant, assuming Crop Yield Multiplier of 1.0.
      Note that Difficulty settings change the Crop Yield Multiplier.
  • Version history[edit]

    • 0.8.657 - Added as Xerigium. Can be farmed and refined into herbal medicine.
    • 0.13.1135 - Name changed from Xerigium to Healroot and sprite changed
    • Beta 19/1.0 - Grow days 6.5 -> 12, sow and harvest work increased significantly. Min fertility 50% -> 100%.
    • 1.3.3066 - Nutrition increased from 0.15 -> 0.2