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AI persona core.png

AI persona core

A hyper-advanced computer core that houses a superhumanlike artificial intelligence. In its isolated state the core is dormant. Installed in a proper support structure, however, it can become a mind of frightening power.

Antigrain warhead.png

Antigrain warhead

A tiny ultra-tech warhead usually used by spacecraft or glitterworld war machines. Powered by a grain of antimatter, it creates a huge explosion and starts fires around the target. Can be fired from mortars or installed as a trap. Explodes when damaged.

Elephant tusk.png

Elephant tusk

An elephant's tusk. It is very durable and valuable. While somewhat unwieldy as a melee weapon, it can still be deadly.

Glitterworld medicine.png

Glitterworld medicine

A kit of advanced ultra-tech medical supplies, probably manufactured on a distant glitterworld. It contains advanced polymorphic drugs, nanite diagnostic and healing assisters, a mini-imager, and various multi-use tools.

Healer mech serum.png

Healer mech serum

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to heal health conditions. The mechanites will target and heal the single worst health condition affecting someone at any given time. Works even on health conditions that would otherwise be incurable. The mechanites can even transmute themselves into organic matter, forming new limbs or organs as needed.

Neurotrainer mech serum.png


A one-use super-dose of mechanites which trains a specific psychic power. The dose is administered through the orbit of the eye. Once released into the brain, the mechanites form knowledge of a specific psycast ability, transmuting themselves into neural tissue as needed.

Resurrector mech serum.png

Resurrector mech serum

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to resurrect the dead. Administered to a corpse soon after death, mechanites repair broken-down tissues and kickstart the body back to life. Unfortunately, the resurrected sometimes come back with brain damage, blindness, or progressive psychosis. Outcomes are better when the mechanites are administered to a fresher body. Well-preserved bodies can be resurrected, even long after death.

Neurotrainer mech serum.png


A one-use super-dose of mechanites which trains a specific skill.
The dose is administered through the orbit of the eye. Once released into the brain, the mechanites quickly improve the subject's skills in a specific area, transmuting themselves into neural tissue as needed.

Skilltrainers are rare items that will substantially increase a single, specific skill of the colonist using the item. It will then be used up and disappear.



The physical form of techprints can range from scraps of paper with diagrams, all the way to advanced self-contained teaching machines. Regardless of form, they play the same role. They give your researchers the confidence that an idea is possible, and a rough idea of the designs in more established societies. Your researchers need the foundational knowledge offered by techprints to know where to start on a given technology. Only after enough techprints have been applied can your researchers work out the fine details of how to make use of the technology in your particular situation. Applying techprints to a satisfied project fulfills half the remaining research progress. In addition, researchers always gain a boost to their intellectual skills when applying techprints, even on already-completed technologies.

Techprof subpersona core.png

Techprof subpersona core

A small AI core housing a low-grade subpersona specialized in teaching technology. When used, the AI will teach you the technology you're currently researching, instantly and for free. Can only be used once.

Thrumbo horn.png

Thrumbo horn

"A thrumbo's horn. It's razor-sharp, rock-hard, and priceless in most markets. This is a true trophy, as well as a deadly melee weapon."