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Bonsai tree.png

A small tree, pruned and shaped to look visually pleasing.

Cocoa tree.png

A tropical tree that produces chocolate, genetically engineered to sweeten its own product, and survive in slightly less-warm climates.

Corn plant a.png

A tall grain plant which produces ears of soft, edible seeds. While corn takes a long time to grow, it yields lots of food compared to other crops. Harvested corn takes a long time to spoil.

Cotton plant a.png

A mid-size crop that yields fine white cotton fibers. These are used to make cloth.

The cotton plant is a player-growable production crop with a moderate yield and slightly longer growing cycle. A mature cotton plant yields 10 cloth.

Devilstrand mushroom a.png

This fragile mushroom was genetically engineered to produce a silk net that is both difficult to tear and soft to the touch. While the mushroom takes a very long time to grow, only exotic ultra-tech fabrics outperform its devilstrand fibers.
Some say it's called devilstrand because of its red color. Others think it owes its name to the greed it inspires in people.

Devilstrand mushroom is a player-growable production crop with a low yield, and very long growing cycle. Can't be sown in hydroponics, and is entirely immune to blight. Mature devilstrand yields 6 devilstrand.


An inedible, fibrous plant which produces a small amount of a wood-like substance.


A small pod that protects a single Gauranlen seed. This seed can be harvested and used to plant a Gauranlen tree.


A mixture of nutrient-rich grasses which yield large amounts of hay. Hay is edible for animals, but not humans.

Haygrass is a player-growable food crop that is normally inedible for humans, but with a high yield. Haygrass can't be sown in hydroponics. Mature haygrass yields 18 hay.


A slow-growing plant which yields herbal medicine when harvested. Sowing and harvesting healroot are both very labor-intensive tasks because of its delicate shoots.
Healroot was selectively bred for centuries by settlers. It is sometimes also called "healer's hand" by tribespeople - a nickname it owes to its five major medicinal virtues.

Healroot is a plant that can be sown in growing zones or hydroponics basins and yields herbal medicine.

Hop plant.png

A flowering crop that yields hops, an essential ingredient in beer.

A plant that when harvested, yields hops that can then be used to produce beer. Hop plants can be planted in a growing zone or a hydroponics basin.


A meaty bioengineered mushroom grown for its nutritious value. It can grow on fungal gravel, but only in darkness - exposing it to any kind of light, including darklights, will kill it.

Potato plant.png

A highly nutritious tuber. Potatoes grow well even in somewhat poor soil, and form a delicious crispy outer coating when fried in oil.

Psychoid plant.png

A leafy plant which generates the chemical compound psychite. Originally evolved as a defense mechanism to ward off plant-eating animals by overstimulating and sickening them, the psychite drug can be extracted and refined into various forms for recreational use. It is addictive.

The psychoid plant is a leafy plant whose leaves can be brewed into psychite tea and refined into flake and yayo.

Rice plant.png

A short, fast-growing crop that yields small edible grains. Its great nutritional output and ease of cultivation has made it the economic core of many great civilizations. While rice grows quickly, it is sensitive to soil fertility and will not fare well in poor soil.

Smokeleaf plant.png

A leafy crop grown for the psychological effects of chemicals in its leaves. Smokeleaf leaves can be prepared into joints at the crafting spot. Smokeleaf makes a user feel relaxed, but reduces motivation, and can be addictive.

A smokeleaf plant is a leafy plant cultivated for the psychological effects of smoking its leaves. Smokeleaf leaves can be prepared into joints at a crafting spot.

Strawberry plant.png

A low bush-like plant that yields fragile but delicious strawberries. While it isn't quite as productive calorie-for-calorie as other crops, strawberries are delicious even when raw.


A genetically-engineered flower-like crop which secretes a self-altering dye. Tinctoria dye can be coaxed into different colors and used to dye apparel.

Toxipotato a.png

A genetically-engineered variant of potato adapted for growing in polluted areas. Compared to regular potatoes, toxipotatoes take less time to grow but yield a meager harvest of food. When eaten raw, they have a high chance of causing food poisoning. In spite of this, they have saved many settlers from starvation after toxic events.