Corn plant

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Corn plant

Corn plant

A tall grain plant which produces ears of soft, edible seeds. While corn takes a long time to grow, it yields lots of food compared to other crops. Harvested corn takes a long time to spoil.

Base Stats


Plant Stats

Time to grow
11.3 days (20.86 days)
Work to Sow
170 ticks (2.83 secs)
Work to Harvest
200 ticks (3.33 secs)
Harvest Yield
22 Corn.png
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity

The corn plant has a long growing cycle and a very high yield of 22 pieces of corn. It cannot be sown in hydroponics. Corn plants have a base growing time of 11.3 days, need a minimum soil fertility of 70%, and have a fertility sensitivity rating of 100%. Corn has the second-highest base yield per day (approx. 2.7% less than rice), but requires the least farming labor to maintain due to its long growing cycle.


The following table details how long it takes for corn plants to grow in each growable ground type, factoring in the plant resting time and being in ideal growing conditions:

  • Ground Type Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
    Fertility (%) 70 100 140 280
    Real Grow Time (days)[1] 29.8 20.86 14.9 N/A
    Base Yield/day[2] 0.74 1.05 1.48 N/A
    1. Actual days to grow, taking into account rest time.
    2. Per plant, assuming Crop Yield Multiplier of 1.0. Note that Difficulty settings change the Crop Yield Multiplier.
  • Corn plants do not suffer the downtime between multiple harvests that rice fields deal with due to corn's long growing time. But this also makes it the most vulnerable to negative incidents (burns, bad weather, animals destruction). Corn should not be entrusted as the colony's only food supply without other alternatives. Corn's exceptional shelf life means that the colony does not need to invest in freezer space for corn, as even the slightest winter will keep corn fresh until next year's harvest. Thus a corn harvest only needs to be placed in a simple shed or under an outdoor roof.

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