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Blood Pumping, called Power Generation on mechanoids, is a pawn capacity: How well a creature can move blood around its body. Affects consciousness and moving. It is lethal for humans, animals and mechanoids for blood pumping to be reduced to zero.

At the time of writing, the maximum possible blood pumping capacity is 190% with a pawn with a bionic heart installed, sick with fibrous mechanites and high on luciferium.

Affected stats[edit]

ConsciousnessCapacity0.21The state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30%, and dies when this reaches 0%.
MovingCapacity0.2-How well a character can move around. Directly affected by consciousness.
Rest Rate MultiplierStat0.3-A multiplier on how quickly a creature rests while sleeping.

Base factors[edit]

The following factors affect blood pumping:

  • Heart part efficiency. 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max (effectively 125%).
    • Bionic heart: 125% part efficiency for effectively +25% blood pumping.
    • Prosthetic heart: 80% part efficiency for effectively −20% blood pumping.


The following offsets affect blood pumping. They are applied after the base factors.