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A fine white powder snorted to produce a euphoric high. Yayo reduces the user's need for rest, and suppresses pain. It is, however, addictive.

DrugHard Drug
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Work To Make

Stat Modifiers


Yayo is a drug of 10% addiction rate that can be produced at a drug lab with 8 psychoid leaves after researching Psychite refining. Consumption will generate the Feeling pumped! Let's do this! thought which has a +35 mood effect and affects the body with:

  • Moving: +15%
  • Improves joy 80%
  • Suppresses pain x50%
  • Reduces need for rest 40%

Those with visible tolerance to psychite, will develop chemical damage in the kidneys in a mean time of 120 days.


Yayo can be manufactured at a drug lab for 8 psychoid leaves.


Yayo is one of three drugs that can be produced from psychoid leaves, the others being flake and psychite tea.

As a drug, yayo is far preferable to flake, with stronger effects and 10% less addictiveness. Psychite tea is considerably weaker, but much less addictive, than both.

On the market, yayo is worth 50% more silver than flake, with a 20% increase in the Work To Make and a 100% increase in ingredient cost. Which drug is more economical depends on which is the greater bottleneck: drug production (yayo is more efficient) or psychoid leaf production (flake is more efficient). If caravan weight is a limiting factor, yayo is worth more proportional to mass. Yayo can also be further refined into go-juice with the addition of 2 neutroamine.

Psychite tea is economically inferior to both; its only potential advantage is that it may be used safely by your colonists if scheduled. It is also produced at a campfire or stove instead.