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Previous Version: Version/0.12.906
Released on: 22 August 2015
Next Version: Version/0.12.914
Released on: 30 August 2015

Released on: 26 August 2015

I’ve just uploaded a hotfix to version Alpha12b. This is purely a fixing and balancing hotfix.


  • Your saves from A12 should still work. Hooray!
  • Data/XML-only mods from A12 should still work. Yay!
  • Mods with code from A12 may work, or they may break. You may need to recompile them with the new DLL. Aww.
  • To get the update: Download using your previous link from your last email and install to a clean empty folder. There will not be a new email sent. Your personal download link is permanent and always has the latest version. If you need help with anything, please go to

Changes in Alpha12b[edit]

  • Rebalanced animal hauling, traps, charge rifle, assault rifle.
  • Rebalanced animal hunger rates and plant nutritions so animals need larger grass pastures to be sustainable.
  • Thrumbo is much more powerful in combat.
  • Sleeping pawns now wake up when harmed.
  • Float menu column is wider to avoid cut-off text.
  • Ship part incidents won’t occur so early.
  • First raid comes a bit earlier on Cassandra and Phoebe.
  • Fixed: Manual work priorities being used after switching to non-manual priorities.
  • Fixed: Colonists have ‘colonist left unburied’ thoughts when tame animals were left unburied.
  • Fixed: Eggs can only be used for simple meals
  • Fixed: Trade items dropping in weird places.
  • Fixed: Colonists incapable of violence can slaugher animals.
  • Fixed: Alphabeavers leave the map after they sleep because they get hungry.
  • Fixed: Date changes over at 6am, not midnight.
  • Misc other fixes and improvements.

Change in Alpha12c[edit]

  • Poison ship part event now only drops one ship part instead of 2-3.