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:[[Ancients]] &bull; [[Tribes]] <small>(Gentle, Fierce, Savage)</small> &bull; [[Outlanders]] <small>(Civil, Rough)</small> &bull; [[Pirates]] &bull; [[Insectoids]] &bull; [[Mechanoids]] &bull; [[Empire]] {{RoyaltyIcon}}
:[[Ancients]] <small>(Neutral, Hostile)</small> &bull; [[Tribes]] <small>(Gentle, Fierce, Savage)</small> &bull; [[Outlanders]] <small>(Civil, Rough)</small> &bull; [[Pirates]] &bull; [[Insectoids]] &bull; [[Mechanoids]] &bull; [[Empire]] {{RoyaltyIcon}}
:[[Faction base]]
:[[Faction base]] &bull; [[Raider]]

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Ancients (Neutral, Hostile)Tribes (Gentle, Fierce, Savage)Outlanders (Civil, Rough)PiratesInsectoidsMechanoidsEmpire Content added by the Royalty DLC
Faction baseRaider

Navbox Usage

Nav boxes are used for linking related things together, by having a handy box at the bottom of the page.

Here's how to use them properly:

{{nav|style type|optional style}}
style types: none, ai, animal, plant, weapon, order, zone, structure, floor, building, security, furniture
optional: none, wide




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