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{|style="border: 1px solid black; padding: 5px; background: #ffdead
{| style="background: yellow
:<span class="dablink" background: #ffdead>'''''For {{{1|other uses}}}''', see ''[[{{{2|{{PAGENAME}} (disambiguation)}}}]]''{{#if:{{{3|}}}|&#32;and [[{{{3}}}]]}}.''</span>
:<span class="dablink" >'''''For {{{1|other uses}}}''', see ''[[{{{2|{{PAGENAME}} (disambiguation)}}}]]''{{#if:{{{3|}}}|&#32;and [[{{{3}}}]]}}.''</span>

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For other uses, see For (disambiguation).
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This template is used at the top of pages for simple disambiguations.
Type {{for|<something>|<page name>|<optional second pagename>}}
Sample output
{{for|the help pages|Help:Contents|Help:Main Page}} gives...
For the help pages, see Help:Contents and Help:Main Page.
{{for|2=Help:Contents}} gives...
For other uses, see Help:Contents.
See also
Template:For on Wikipedia.